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Revival Hill Fellowship of Churches

The vision of Revival Hill Fellowship of Churches is to proclaim Jesus through the simplicity of the Gospel of the Kingdom and through the ministry of excellence and service.  We will impact this generation with the Word of God; thus creating a people who cannot be destroyed.

We stand on God’s Word.  We believe in fellowship and the sharing of gifts that help to edify the church.  We believe in and are committed to covenant relationship.  We declare that we are people of excellence, faith, and integrity.  We are people who understand the times.  We know what we ought to do.  We declare that we are experts in areas of ministry.  We do not have double hearts, but we are single minded, with perfect hearts and a determination to make Jesus Lord in the city of Philadelphia, in the Delaware Valley, and throughout the world.

The vision of Revival Hill Fellowship of Churches also includes:

  • Thousands of active churches.
  • Teaching ministers and pastors how to minister in whatever area to which they are called.
  • Teaching ministers to teach and preach with excellence.
  • Giving ministers the opportunity to minister on a consistent basis.
  • Having men and women learn how to seek God for their exact call of ministry, learning to operate therein.
  • Having churches and ministries that influence the country and the world at large.
  • Having churches, pastors, preachers, and ministers that have seven-day-a-week radio and television broadcasts.
  • Creating a national and international stage for the men and women of God where their gifts can be seen and developed.
  • An accredited Bible College.
  • Clothing the naked and feeding the poor.
  • Causing the people of God to become what God knew about them before He formed them.

Acceptance to Revival Hill Fellowship of Churches is based on the following:

  • One should be a pastor or working toward pastoral ministry
  • One must adhere to the doctrinal statement
  • One must attend 90% of the yearly meetings
  • One must submit an application for membership
  • Female pastors may be admitted
  • Financial commitment
  • Tithing and/or sowing up

Revival Hill Fellowship of Churches

Revival Hill Oasis of Faith
Founder & Sr. Pastor - Apostle T. K. Grant, III
Philadelphia, PA

Divine Restoration Church
Assistant Prelate - Bishop A. Keith Rollerson, Sr. DD
Philadelphia, PA

Faith Tabernacle Ministry
Pastor - Rev. Tony Townsend
Philadelphia, PA

Mt. Zion Foundation of Faith

Pastor - Rev. Maurice Mobley

Townsend, DE

Revival Hill Faith and Destiny Center
Pastor - Rev. Randy Jenkins
Philadelphia, PA

Walk in the Light Christian Center
Pastor - Rev. Lorraine Harris
Camden, NJ

Whosoever Will Ministries

Overseer – Pastor Tasha Dawson

Philadelphia, PA

Word of Life Deliverance Ministry
Pastor - Rev. Sylvester Wright
Savannah, GA

International Affiliated Ministries

Reaching Haiti 4 Christ Ministries
Pastor - Rev. Steve Exantus
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Bread of Life Outreach Church
Pastor - Rev. Jerry Sowah
Accra, Ghana (West Africa)

Elgise Evangelique De Salut
Pastor - Bishop Azanlédzi Lomh

Lomé, Togo (West Africa)

Faith Gospel Ministries International
Pastor - Rev. Rizwan Fazal Masih
Pakistan (Middle East - Asia)

International Christian Leadership, Inc.
President – Rev. Bonifacio L. Simbran
Vice President – Rev. Belshiezar Simbran
Philippines (Pacific Islands - Asia)

Later Day Pentecostal Ministries
Pastor - Rev. Joseph Mugeni Wanyama
Bugiri, Uganda (East Africa)

Revival Gospel Church
Pastor - Rev. Tariq Samuel Bakhsh
Pakistan (Middle East - Asia)

Word of Life Liberation Ministries
Pastor - Rev. John Kargbo
Wellington, Sierra Leone (West Africa)

Young Evangelistic Youth Group
Pastor – Rev. Joshua O. Mugenya
Kisumu, Kenya (East Africa)