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The Vision of Oasis of Faith

The Vision of Oasis of Faith is to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord through the simplicity of the Gospel of the Kingdom and through the ministry of excellence and service. We will impact this generation with the Word of God, causing people to become what God knew about them before He formed them, thus creating a people who cannot be destroyed.

We stand on God's Word. We declare that we are people of excellence, faith, and integrity. We are people who understand the times. We know what we ought to do. We declare we are experts in areas of ministry. We do not have double hearts, but we are single-minded, with perfect hearts and a determination to make Jesus Lord in the city of Philadelphia, in the Delaware Valley, and throughout the world.

The vision of Oasis of Faith also includes:

  • Over 20,000 ACTIVE members
  • Businesses and entrepreneurs who are millionaires
  • An accredited Bible College
  • The city of Philadelphia's largest Christian High School
  • Teaching people to be prosperous
  • Clothe the naked and feed the poor
  • A church and ministry that influences the country and the world at large
  • A church to set to cross the country and world ministry
  • An awesome and effective biblical counseling ministry
  • A church medical and legal facility where members can go for care and advice
  • A church mall that re-feeds the church
  • A seven-day a week radio and television broadcast
  • A 24-hour a day Godly help center where people can go for prayer, counseling, and help for domestic abuse, food, and temporary shelter
  • Teaching people the "Faith" lifestyle
  • Causing people to become what God knew about them before he formed them
  • Planting churches around this world

There can only be one vision. The vision is always given to the head (Pastor). The Father (God) gives his vision to the Pastor (Under-Shepherd), who in turn directs the body of believers (Sheep).
Two visions is a DI-VISION!